The Perfect Salmon Sandwich | A Rose in Bloom
I love smoked salmon, and since it was Whole Foods Friday One Day Deal this past Friday, I stocked up.  This, of course, leads to DELICIOUS SANDWICHES OMG.  I love to put warm cream cheese on some whole wheat bread, sprinkle some dill on that, and smack some fish and greens on it.  Here is how I do it.


2 slices whole wheat bread
cream cheese
dried dill
smoked salmon
green of choice (I like argula and spinach)

To soften the cream cheese, put what you want on the bread and microwave for 20 seconds.  Spread it around.  Sprinkle dill as you prefer.  I like to do it till there is almost no white left.  Spread it into the cheese.  Add salmon (however much you like!) and greens. I like to have this with tea and a side salad.
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