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Hey guys, I will be back to posting more pictures from my trip this weekend.  For now I wanted to share my excitement! I get to see The Lumineers in exactly 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bands I like never come to town!  Plus, it's not the hubby's cup of tea, so going to Louisville or Cincinnati for hipster bands is totally out of the question, but whatever.  I don't need no man to enjoy great music.  With that said, I leave you with my favorite song from their self titled album.

Well she was standing in the bar
I said, "Hello, how do you do?"
She handed me a beer with a kangaroo
She spoke of places I had never been
That she had traveled to
And we slowed danced along to faster tunes
I made her laugh, I made a pass, I showed her my half dollar ring
She said, "That's pretty cool,
But classy girls don't kiss in bars, you fool"
So later on the crowd calmed down
And I believe it was until
Something drew me closer to her lips
So picture my surprise when I had tried to lean in for a kiss
And she just smiled and turned her head down
I asked her, "Why?" and she replied,
"It was nothing I was doing nothing wrong, its just what it is"
Oh, classy girls don't kiss in bars like this
No, classy girls don't kiss in bars
Boys will break their backs and hearts
But its alright, the hardest part is through
Is through, oh it's through
The hardest part is through

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