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Ever since I bought that Lumineers ticket, I haven't been able to get away from that style of music.  I like to call it modern Americana, since it just has that distinctly American feel.  As in America as a whole, not the South, North, Midwest, Coast, anything like that.  It feels as much Alabama as it does Colorado or Michigan.  Here are some of my favorite bands and songs lately.

I discovered Old Man Markley at a Dropkick Murphys concert this summer.  This music is straight up American.  Think bluegrass meets Colorado mountains meets Oregon valley.  I present two songs: "For Better or for Worse" and "Blood on My Hands".  I really wanted to include "America's Dreaming", but I couldn't find it on YouTube.  If I do find a copy I will share it later.  Otherwise, you can listen to both their albums on Spotify.  Which you should do.

Blanche is a country/indie band that I used to listen back in 2005ish.  I don't think they make music anymore, but the two albums they released were pretty good.  Although they are originally from Detroit, Michigan, they have a very distinct country-goth sound.  Think creepy Southern Goth, but from Detroit. Whaaaa?  Songs in order of appearance: "What this Town Needs", "Who's to Say", and "Do You Trust Me?".

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