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Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I get to dress however I want, drink too much, eat too much candy, and give things to adorable children.  Waaaaaay better than Christmas.  Plus, I love gothic decor, so Halloween and I go hand in hand. In honor of my favorite time of the year, here are some of my favorite vintage postcards and truly terrifying costumes.

From Flickr
Via Pinterest

Please don't visit me at night. From Pinterest

Now for some creepy as hell costumes.  Today, we tend to lean more towards sexy, cute, cuddly, or funny.  However, the Victorian and Edwardian eras knew how to make a kid wet themselves.  Would you want to see any of these standing over your bed at night?
These are from my nightmares. Via Pinterest.

Simple masks clawing at my soul! Via The Art of Decay.

This one is just scary in a weird way. Those eyes will appear in your closet at random. Via Pinterest.

And in case you weren't already checking under the bed for haunts, this song will make you afraid to turn your head.  Seriously, I fear this melody.
Like a feeling that I'm down
Deep inside my heart
Like I'm looking out through
Splitting blood red
Windows in my heart
From a higher up than heaven
And a harder down than stone
Shake the fear that always clawing
Pulls me clawing down alone
As I spitting splitting blood red
Breaking windows in my heart
And the past is taunting
Fear of ghosts
Is forcing me apart
And the further I get
From the things that I care about
The less I care about
How much further away I get...

I am lost again
With everything gone
And more alone
Than I have ever been
I expect you to understand
To feel it too
But I know that even if you will
You cannot ever help me
Nor can I
Ever help you

I will post photos of my costume later! Have a Happy Halloween!
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