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So, I saw The Lumineers Friday night.  For those that don't know, they do a great cover of a band/musician called Sawmill Joe, who they are great friends with.  Now, The Lumineers do a great cover of Ain't Nobody's Problem, which I will include here, but it can't even touch the original.  After listening to Sawmill Joe on Spotify, I immediately went to Band Camp and paid for their music.  No really, I did.  Because it's so raw.  I feel like it's everything Jack White wanted to do pre Elephant.  Here are the few songs that are on YouTube, though you can also listen to them on Spotify, and, of course buy the music.  It's pure, raw, and absolutely amazing. This is music.

                                                              Good Morning Bartender

Ain't Nobody's Problem

Lumineer's cover of Ain't Nobody's Problem

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