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There are times when you realize not everything you enjoy can last forever.  In fact, sometimes losing a favorite item can really mature the senses.

The other day I left Zeke unattended for about 60 seconds.  Yes, 60 seconds.  In that minute amount of time he managed to find my favorite soup mug that I had left on the coffee table from dinner.  I suppose he accidentally knocked it off and it slammed against the futon frame. It doesn't matter.  When I returned from taking the trash out, I saw my favorite mug, dead on the carpet, with the spoon impaling it through the wrong end.  The rare sight of tears welled into my eyes.  I never cry.  Now that I recall, every incident that involved my crying relates to Zeke having destroyed things I love.  But that is besides the point because I sure love the little bugger.

The point is that gazing at that cup bottom laying divorced from its other half made me force myself to accept something I preach frequently: things are just things. Did any significant part of my life change? Not at all. Sure, I am still agitated.  But losing our favorite possessions is almost cathartic.  The realization that you have one less thing in life. Simplification. Decluttering. I do have lots of cups and bowls, after all.  Sometimes, losing your favorite possession is the best way to find release from the chaos of desire often found in our everyday life.

In today's world, we often get caught up comparing ourselves to our neighbors and friends. This has become especially pertinent in the world of social media.  We see people buying newer homes, nicer cars, new clothes, jewelry, dishes, or whatever suites your own tastes.  With Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Tumblr, and whatever else is out there, it is increasingly more difficult to separate ourselves from the chaos.  Why yes, I was fine with all my shoes yesterday.  Nothing is wrong with anything I have, so why do I suddenly need new boots?

So today, I say: Goodbye, favorite old mug. It was fun while we had our good times. You gave me lots of delicious soups in your limited life.  But the truth is, I have plenty of other dishes to do your job.  I am not without anything because I have everything I need, plus some.
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