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Many people feel guilty for wanting to indulge in their own happiness.  As a society, we have been raised to always think of others first even when it negatively affects us.  Well, it's time to shake that off and put on a new skin, fresh and dewy and full of hope.  You see, never engaging in any activity that causes you to smile creates a whirlwind of depression.  You will see everyone around you getting exactly what they want (at least, to you they will seem to have exactly what they want) and develop what I like to call a "why me" syndrome.

Please understand that making yourself happy is not being selfish.  Selfishness is not pursuing your own life goals. It's when you hurt others to make your own desires happen.  If you do not bring your own benefits into consideration, you will make yourself miserable and everyone around you.

This week, I challenge you to do one thing for yourself.  Take a few minutes each day to do something that makes you happy. It can be making your favorite cup of tea every morning, or taking the time to braid your hair in a fun new way.  Whatever you choose, feel positive about it and enter the world feeling refreshed and full of a new life - the new you. I guarantee others will notice. Never forget that emotions are contagious.  If you go into work/school/whatever you do feeling like you're sitting on top of the world, you will improve other people's day too! Sounds like a winner for all involved.
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