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Our pets mean a lot to us. They are like having constant best friends who truly show unconditional love - even when you have to feed them white rice till payday (I promise this has only happened once!) or you come home too sick to play with them.  But did you know they are teachers? Yes, my dogs have taught me a lot in the two years I have been blessed with them.

For those of you that do not know, Jaycee is a 4 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. I got her off craigslist when she was 2 because her owner's landlord said she couldn't keep her anymore and the animal shelters in Richmond, KY only euthanize pit bulls. Zeke is my uh oh baby. My brother and his girlfriend at the time rescued him and his littermates from an abusive backyard situation. Zeke was the last guy left and I got guilted into taking him. Best thing that ever happened! He is a very affectionate little boy! And on to what they have taught me.

1. Yes, it's ok to do nothing.

This is what she loves best y'all. I am someone who likes to keep myself busy to the point of exhaustion because I have always felt, for some reason, that that is what I should do. Not anymore. Now I take time to rest and just be.  In fact, I try to wake up a little earlier the mornings just to pull her close, and think. It changes my entire day.

2. It's ok to say you want something.
Give me that apple!

And this lil guy has NO PROBLEM doing that. You know what? Because he is vocal about what he needs, he gets what he needs most of the time. He is usually polite about it, but lets you know nonetheless. Wouldn't we all be happier if we told our loved ones we needed time with them, or just otherwise expressed our desires plainly? Yes, we would. Also, Zeke is a professional pusher of laptops to make room for Zeke.  I told you he is vocal about needing you.

3. What matters most is right now.
She is only worried about eating that steak fast enough!

Carpe diem. Are they worried about the price of gas rising 5 cents next month? No? I am not going to either. Worry kills.

4. Enjoy the outdoors, or anything, really. 

The balcony is their favorite place.

To be honest, I have always been so busy with the arts that I never had time to just enjoy the outdoors, or anything, really.  But since taking daily walks and making time for parks and hiking trails, I feel more connected with the earth and a lot calmer in general. I mean, we are technically animals, so spending time in Nature is important for our emotional and physical health. Plus, taking the time to just enjoy any one thing in the moment is a beautiful aspect of life.

Do you have pets? What have they taught you?


  1. I only have a fish right now lol, but my parents have dogs and I think it is important to stop and learn from them, they're so sweet. I've been trying to enjoy the outdoors more as well (and hopefully will be able to as spring approaches) - it's so important and so easy to overlook
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    1. Aww, I like watching fish. As far as being outdoors, it helps when you wish to take pictures outdoors, I am sure!

  2. My fiance had a pit bull, and I fell in love with her. Those dogs are so misunderstood, but so loving. Dogs def teach you discipline and how to love and care for others.


    1. Thank you for your kind words! I love love love my pit. I especially love that I took her off death row... she is such a sweet girl and great with kids. Very patient and loving. :)


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