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All this talk of spring has things feeling light and airy. Soft and fresh. I feel like every step I take is on a cloud and the wind is gracefully sailing us about the world. Obviously, ballet has been a huge part of my life and lately I feel like ballet is the perfect analogy for spring weather, so I thought I would share some pictures that are especially inspiring to me. I hope you enjoyed them too. All photos came from Pinterest; I do not own any of them.


  1. Its Awesomeee
    plz follow me & i will follow you back :)

  2. mmm flowing dresses and long wavy hair. I love warm weather!

    1. Me too! I do like winter, but this one has well overstayed its welcome!

  3. What amazing artistry! The images of the ballerinas captured on film are spectacularly beautiful. The dance and the photography are perfection!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog .
    Are you a ballet dancer ? Woa What inspiring.
    This is What I said clearly its not Okay when we see all those breaks smokers take, right ?

    Have a lovely sunday.


    1. Right! I totally understood you on that point. And yes, I am a ballet dancer, not professionally, but for fun. I have taken ballet most of my life! Thank you!


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