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Yeah, I know I know. Sugar scrubs: everyone has heard of them, everyone knows how to make them, every blogger posts them. But I am sorry, I had to do it. I recently decided to stop buying morning face wash partly because my husband got laid off so I wanted to save money, and partly because face wash is a waste of money. I thankfully don't have problem skin, so why pay for stuff I don't need? Hence, these scrubs were born. Not only do they exfoliate, but they smell great! Perfect for awakening the mind.

What you need:

  • Container for the scrub
  • Sugar
  • Grapeseed oil (or any oil, but I prefer this one)
  • Essential oil for scent - I used pink grapefruit (optional)


Fill the container with sugar. I like the jars from The Container Store because they are durable and affordable. I think this one was less than $2. Once full of sugar, slowly pour a little grapeseed oil over the sugar. Watch it "settle" i.e. sink to the bottom. Add a little more oil and continue letting it settle/stir it in until it has reached a firm consistency. If the scrub gets runny, add more sugar and stir it in. Lastly, add a few drops of essential oil and stir it in. You're done!

For the second scrub, I used half sugar, half Cinnamon Nut Graham coffee grinds from Coffee Times here in Lexington and left out the essential oil. Oh my gosh guys, if you like coffee scent, this is even better than the first one! I also use it on my lips to provide an even surface for matte lipsticks. It works amazing, and is delicious. I mean, you probably should not sit and eat sugar scrub, because sugar, duh. But OMG I really wanted to snack on it. Here is the exact recipe.

Coffee Grind Scrub

  • Container for the scrub
  • Sugar
  • Coffee grinds
  • Grapeseed oil

Fill the container with half sugar, half coffee grinds, and repeat the above directions!

I have been using both these scrubs nearly daily for nearly two weeks. I always feel so soft and clean, and the grapeseed oil means I don't need to use another moisturizer! Heaven in a jar.

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