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Please do not ask me about the Louis Vuitton banana suit stickers. I have no idea what the heck that was, or who put it on the street downtown. But I laughed so I thought I would share them. I swear we have some very interesting people in this town.

The same day we took tomorrow's photos (stay tuned!), we ran into a festival with a mini petting area. These are the only animals that would be still for me, but it made me smile nonetheless. Also, Thursday was my birthday, and I came to work to find a coworker had put together a little package for me. Even though I kinda hate my birthday, I was ecstatic and grateful.  I love to have a nice cup of tea in the afternoon, so this was seriously a thoughtful gift. I have already been using it daily.

Yesterday was also a very special day for me. My favorite artist, the wonderful Conor Oberst released his new solo album Upside Down Mountain yesterday. In case you haven't noticed from many of my post titles, no artist can quite relate to my search for contentment like Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst. I have been absorbing Upside Down Mountain since NPR streamed it last week. Can't wait to go pick up my vinyl copy today and just soak in every lyric. You can also read a Billboard article about his new album and thoughts here.  Photo credit also goes to Billboard.

Listen to the single Hundreds of Ways, performed live at Gigstock.

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