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With the Fourth of July right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to discuss summer style. For me, July 4th is the peak of summer, and with it I always want to stick with things that just have that feeling - the rootsy, Americana soul. Denim cutoffs, a breezy tank or tee, classic sneakers... it's all I want to wear on the hottest of hot days. If I were buying new clothes for the 4th, or even summer in general, here are a few of my picks.

In order: Distressed Chuck Taylors ($80), Flag Vans ($55), DIY American Flag Converse, Flag Print Lace Up Canvas Sneakers.

For me, a good pair of summer sneakers is a must. You can tell I wear a lot of Chucks in the summer and who can blame me? They are classically cute and go with everything. I just wish my Free People American Flag Chucks you see me wear so often were still available, because they are awesome.

Nothing says summer cool like easy, breezy tees and tanks. The perfect tee can make getting dressed easy. Comfy, chic, and cool. They make me want to read in the woods, or a by a window, grill vegetables, and drink iced tea. Mmmmm. However, if you want to keep the ease and freedom of tees and tanks, a light, airy dress can provide that feeling. My personal favorites are these.

Classic Stripes Fit n Flare ($12.80), Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip ($88)

Not only are these cute, flirty, and allow you stay cool, but they require minimal accessories to still look and feel great. Summer is for running around outside and enjoying as much daylight as possible. Less work getting dressed, the better.

What are your favorite summer picks?


  1. yes, can we box up all these picks and mail them to me? because that would be wonderful!! i have definitely got into tennis shoes this summer and pair them with everything- and i've been already thinking of what to wear to the fourth, too! it's definitely something to look forward to :)

    xo marlen
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