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Summer picnics. Is there anything better? Our complex just put a picnic table out across the street, so I can assure you that we will be using it. In other words, is this not the best $3 dress to be found in a while? When I saw this Fossil dress at Goodwill, I knew it had to be fate. Tried it on, and WHAM, perfect size. Work appropriate and a total steal. I love it when I make a perfect find at the thrift store.

Dress: Fossil (thrifted)// cami H&M// bra: Free People// hairsticks: Goodys? I have had them since I was 17.

Eyeshadow: Make Up Forever Aqua Cream in Emerald, MAC Humid, Lucky Green, Juxt, and Stars n Rockets, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner

As you know, I have been participating in the Weekly Link Up the Love with Buttons and Birdcages! This week was relatively uneventful, but there is always a sunny side.

  • My brother is the best. Seriously. He doesn't especially enjoy photography, but he still takes the time to take the best pics my point and shoot can do.
  • Same goes for my husband (who took today's photos). Putting time in your day for something that does not especially interest you means more than you will ever know.
  • A very special thank you goes to my coworker who hemmed my dress FOR FREE. She is so caring and unselfish and I love her for it. Definitely makes working in a non dream job environment worth it.
What about you? What was your favorite thrift store find? To whom do you owe love and gratitude this week?
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