Friday DO: Savor the Last Days of Summer | A Rose in Bloom

It's the time of year again. Even though the air is sticky with humidity (if you live anywhere near the South or midwest) and we can literally smell the heat from the pavement, we wish the aromas of fall would take precedence. We pretend to sniff the faint scents of pumpkins and apples and feel the crisp air kiss our face. Perhaps the start of school causes this sensation, or perhaps we are just sick of sweltering evenings. Nonetheless, it is important to savor these last warm days, for soon bitter winds will replace them. The sun will rest earlier and we will wish for the warm sun on our backs. This weekend, try to do a little something to savor summer. Find a little summer in a random place, like these flowers growing through a concrete block. Absorb every moment before pulling out the coats.

P.S. Isn't it amazing how determined life can be? These flowers literally grew through the concrete.
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