Photo Diary: Evan's Orchard | A Rose in Bloom

Here are the rest of my photos from our apple picking adventure. There is something just so darn satisfying about picking your own food and then taking a big bite immediately after paying. I hope to go back when more types are ready; right now they only had Scarlet Galas and Ruby Johns, both of which are crisp and delicious. Also, does anyone else want to be a kid again so they can play in the hay bale castle? Please say I am not the only one.

Would anyone be interested in an apple based recipe? I might try to come up with something for the season. I used to do a cooking blog, but I just do not have the time/money to constantly be coming up with fresh things. I think a few recipes here and there might make a nice touch to this blog though. Please let me know if this would interest you!

P.S. All photos taken with my husband's phone. Not bad eh?
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