Friday DO: Be Thankful | A Rose in Bloom

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, hopefully all our thoughts are headed toward giving gratitude for all the blessings that have drifted into our lives. But did you know that giving thanks each and every day can make you happier in your day to day life? It's true - taking a few moments each day to think about what you are grateful for will change your entire perspective for the day. As someone who has battles depression occasionally, I find taking those sweet moments to recognize the little things that make me happy to be on this Earth really put me back into place. I feel whole and aligned.

To accomplish this feeling of completion, every morning I wake up and immediately list 5 things for which I am grateful. These things can be anything from the way your pet says good morning, to the sun creeping through your blinds, the way your soft sheets rub against your naked skin, or simply the way your first conscious breath feels.

Once you get in this routine, you will find yourself saying thank you for the simplest things in life.  In fact, yesterday on a drive, I could see the most beautifully sunset. I was privileged in that time to witness layers of soft orange, blue, and purple merge into the sublime. In that moment, I was instantly grateful for this amazing opportunity. I was happy.

This Friday, find the little things in life, and just say thank you. You will be happy you did. Be sure to tell me what sweet little moments you find!
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