Still Life Done Simply | A Rose in Bloom

There are times when even the tiniest tidbits of beauty make me pause, holding my breath as I gaze at a lovely form entrenched in my brain. Exhaling, I understand how the most miniscule moments can make me feel euphoric. Saturated with life's little offerings, if you will.

Yes, I am the woman who will stand outside of Whole Foods photographing eggs on a rainy Christmas Eve. No, I will not be ashamed to find people staring. I will smile when you smile and smile when you don't.

My quest for simple pleasures knows no limits.

Anything in life can be beautiful.

Have you ever stopped to admire something as simple as eggs purely for beauty? What was it? Did people stare or go about their business?

Now that we are thinking about eggs: What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast
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