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Many of us are artists, but few of us manage to carve a little niche and support ourselves on art. It's time consuming, low paying at it's birth, and frustrating to get people to take you seriously. That's why when I meet people who are able to live off their passions, I feel full. Full of joy for their accomplishments. Full of pride for what they so graciously contribute to our glum world. Full of respect for dreamers and respect for doers.

One of my best friends from college has created a vibrant niche that demonstrates an exuberance of each fullness in my chest with her paintings and prints. It is with great honor that I finally share some of it with you, my dearest readers. You see, Christina Wegman has been selling her breathtaking paintings for years, but this time, it's really special for me. I am both honored and proud to have been featured in some of her work, which is both brimming with originality and soaked with a fresh perspective on our world by removing the dull grays of everyday monotony and replacing them with  new, colorful sparks of joy.

The above painting is a little older and may have sold by now, but that doesn't make it any less special. It was, I think, her first painting in which I was the subject. Originally modeling on my back porch, I was transplanted into a busy ballroom whirling with sophisticates and intensity. Now if only I could fit into that cocktail dress again...

This piece was recently completed. The background is the lovely La Boca in Buenos Aires, where I worked in my study abroad. A hue rich tango, if you will. Christina is currently working on a Modern Muses collection which will be full of inspirational women in beautiful settings, so this is one of the first of many paintings in that collection. It may take years to complete, but includes some of the, ahem, best muses you can find amirite?

Finally, this lovely piece I commissioned for myself. I was sad to hear Linea A was being changed out, thus losing their beautiful vintage train cars with the classic wood finish. Christina had been wanting to paint something for my new apartment for a while after I moved to Lexington, but I just couldn't put my finger on the right theme. It took damn near a year before I found something screaming my name, but I knew this would be the subject the minute I saw the news. Because she was kind enough to put them into a time capsule for me, I now smile every time I look up from my sofa. She chose to add me into this one to give it that perfect sentimental touch.

Not only is the style one of a kind, but Christina's art is AFFORDABLE. Most of the time you can get a great piece for less than $300. She will take commissions and work with YOUR BUDGET. If all you have is $50, she will work with you on size and colors to get that painting down to $50. Original art doesn't have to be exclusive to the rich guys and gals anymore.

Like what you see? Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for live updates. It's so fascinating to watch the painting process as she uploads drafts leading up to the final product. She also has her own shop on Clinton Row in Downtown Huntsville. If you are ever in the area, the Clinton Row shops are a must see!

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