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Sometimes, I work on so many writing pieces at once that none of them are finished and ready to go and I feel like I've just wasted so much time. Why can't I have a solid focus? I ask myself this as I hurry a post for my regular Sunday postings. It seems I've been all over the place these days. Truth is, I have at least two outfit posts sitting in my drafts and another 3-5 opinion/writing pieces. I just need a day to reset, to focus my attention and finish. Finish anything actually. Finish editing photos, finish my book of poetry, just finish. It doesn't help that I (finally!) was able to get the 50 mm/1.8 lens for my Nikon so I've been twittering all over the place like a little bird photographing every pretty little thing I see, learning more about aperture and what looks best with what setting. It's both challenging and tear inducing at times. Am I growing as a photographer or am I just a tiny little girl with a big girl camera running around playing grown up? Do I have any business owning this equipment? Have I wasted our money? I never know anymore. What I do know is that I really enjoy playing, whether I'm a little kid trying to fit in with the big ones or I'm an under-confident flower opening it's petals. If you enjoy something, you didn't waste anything, right?

*Photo of me taken by my husband, who doesn't let me photograph him.

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