How to Do Modern Grunge, Part 2: With a Boho Twist | A Rose in Bloom

Last week I talked about how all the precious little autumnal bits beckon me into a 90s grunge-inspired theme. This week, I am expounding on that, this time pulling out a little feminine dress in a seemingly retro print that feels oh so 90s.

As much as I would love to take all my pictures in the backs of dirty alleyways, it's not the most tripod friendly experience. However, railroad tracks are a different story. There is nary a soul likely to stumble upon you (though magically, there was someone on the track this day who was also taking pictures) or bother you, and well, you are not supposed to be there. Which, by the way, you aren't supposed to be playing on tracks, just FYI, making this the perfect location for a grunge inspired shoot. So don't try this at home, kids.

Speaking of which, I feel the need to note that this is a series of grunge inspired posts. While doing some online research this past week, I couldn't help but see how some people criticized those who try to recreate grunge into a fashion statement. While I completely understand that grunge was a subculture, I feel like it's really silly to care too much about what other people want to wear. I personally adore the idea of wearing whatever I want, not trying too hard, and not thinking about labels. Screw the rules. Red and orange in the same outfit? Why not? White boots with floral print socks? Go for it. That is also why I have not been giving outfit details on these posts - the brands are not important, it's the creation.

And maybe that is why I was always drawn to the 90s grunge culture. People putting together whatever they wanted, wearing it how and when they wanted, not caring about what others think... That's the kind of fashion advice I want the world to work back to. So yes, it is ok to be inspired by the fashion associated with grunge culture, or any culture. Take what you like from it and twist it to make something your own. I mean, I will always be a boho girl at heart, but I do like to add touches of toughness and unexpected combinations every once in a while. I like a little chaos, a little hodge podge to this colorful life.

Speaking of a hodge podge grungey outfit, this dress is a little sundress and that's exactly what I'm talking about. I didn't have a floral fall 90s dress, so I made a different dress into one with a few layers. All you need is a little creativity and you make any clothing item into anything you want.

P.S. Totally almost re-shot these to wear berry lips, as was a 90s staple, but damn it if the red didn't look so gorgeous with this dress. Besides, I am lazy.

Post-post-script: I know I totally promised a month of 90s grunge inspired posts this November, but I have been offered a job as a dance teacher for kids on the weekends up until New Year! While I am sad that this may pull me away from the blog during the next two months, I am beyond excited to finally start getting paid to share my passions in life. I will absolutely try to keep my posts up, but if posts become less frequent, please look forward to seeing all my freshest and new ideas after Christmas. It's bloody hard to shoot outfit posts in November/December anyway.


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