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I did something amazing a few Friday nights ago. I went without a plan.

Let me explain, it sounds like nothing, but it was really a magical something. It was barely cold... winter's full force had not yet knocked us down with its fierce blustering winds. Not yet were we sprawled under warm sheets for hours watching little white petals drip from the sky. So we went out with the camera in one hand, and love in the other. We had no reason to be out other than to see what there was to cradle into our chasm of memories. As I snapped at whatever I wanted, hoping for jewels in the dark skies and shadowed sidewalks, I was reminded that really, there are many reason we all ought to embrace the chaos a little more often and let the world happen.

under the kentucky theater in downtown lexington

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You might miss something beautiful.

The best moments happen spontaneously. One moment passes and as the lights blur out of focus a soul drifts through your path. They are forever etched into your life, embedded in a photograph preserved by time itself. When plans control our lives, it’s so easy to miss these miniscule fragments on the sidewalk. Why always be in such a hurry? Whenever there is an opportunity to slow down the ringing of life’s bell, it is best to seize it and hold that jewel tightly clenched in your palm until the imprint is forever molded into your body. Do not let tiny treasures slip by your face in the city’s whirl.
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It's a break for the mind. 

Spontaneity is the loosening of all the tightly wound coils keeping the brain in place. It is the hot bath your soul needs after a month of hasty showers. So much of our lives are stuck in a flurry and before we know it the lights have swirled round and round and round - then darkness eats the scene. As you watch the world zip by in a furor of bright lights, as you hold each other close, let the dance become lackadaisical until you can hear each other’s heart beating. 

Only then will the mind find true freedom. The freedom from responsibility in that moment. The freedom to love anything and anyone for any reason. It will feel like a thousand pounds have been cut from your back.
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kentucky theatre
 You find little surprise locations for creating memories

With those pounds shed so far away, it is easier to adventure with clear eyes. There are so many lovely things to see in a city, but the hidden gems are the best to hold close. The alcoves that you never knew existed until their paths slowly untwisted onto your feet. The little scraps of city that no one else seems to desire -These are the medicines your mind needs. With your own little secret garden, chunks of time will be frozen into eternity. The possible blurs of hidden kisses and hastily eaten donuts are suddenly sharper with hope.
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As we embrace our new hidden joys, the chaos grows into a familiar dance and suddenly, briskly, we are woken from the stupor of repetition. After all, plans, while an important part of our life, need to be used in the same moderation one would give to crisp lagers in the summer sun. Too much will make you sick. So I long for nights without plans. Nights to roam the streets looking for scraps of love wherever I can find them. More frequently, I would like to sit back and take my hands off the steering wheel of life. The autopilot does a fine job of it's own volition.

Do you ever go set out in the city without a plan? What kind of beautiful stories do you have from unplanned events?

Stay Beautiful,



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