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We've all been there (I hope). The point where you've worked really hard on a photoshoot/poem/painting/anything you could possibly put in a blog post. You're about to hit "publish" but... you feel like it's pointless. You know almost no one is going to see your post/read your blog and it feels really, really pointless to keep going.

I've been there. Heck, I'm there now. In the month of January I managed to get 2,017 page views. That's... not a lot, and it really shouldn't bother me. After all, those are just silly numbers (and if I liked numbers I totally would have majored in something other than liberal arts amirite?) and are not indicative of my talents or my heart. But it does bother me at times. And I'm betting numbers bother you too, unless you are a very successful blogger, in which case, good for you! The rest of us, however, are just trying to stay afloat and get noticed for our hard work. This is only natural. After all, the whole purpose of displaying art to the public is so others can enjoy the fruit of the creator's labor. Besides, people naturally want to receive praise. Regardless, how many of us would still exercise our creative talents if there was no one to see? Should we stop posting to blogs because no one notices our hard work?
The answer is different for everyone. For some people, I think it would not be worth their time if blogging was cutting into their personal time with friends or family. That is why I cut back to two post a week myself. However, some of us (as in, me) would not do very much without a blog. Yes, I love styling, but I am honest enough with myself to admit that without this blog to document my favorite styles, I would have the best intentions in the world for my outfits and end up throwing on jeans and tee shirts everyday. Then I would be irritated with myself for being boring (like that's some sort of crime) and spend a week in over-the-top outfits only to fall into my same basic rut the next week. This blog helps me find balance, which is healthy.

I also think writing is therapeutic, in its own way. It's through this blog that I have learned to focus on loving myself and how to love my body just the way it is. For these reasons, blogging has been healthy for me, with or without tons of followers and high numbers. I also feel more fulfilled for having a creative outlet. I am a happier person with this blog, which leads to another point.

At the end of the day, personal blogs are not typically for tons of followers or lots of money. Personal
blogs are to keep a diary of our own lives. I find it amazing that 10 years from now, whether I'm blogging or not, I will be able to go through my fashion and writing archives and see a visual record of my growth as a human being. What a powerful reference to have!

With everything said and done, for me personally, numbers or no numbers, it will always be worth blogging when I have something to say. I may not have something that knocks your (or my) socks off every single week, but it surely is worth writing it for the weeks that I do.

What drives you to blog? Do you obsessively check numbers or do you just do your best with each post and publish with pride? Do you ever check numbers and consider throwing in the towel? Tell me everything.

Stay beautiful,



P.S. Are any of you interested in using Disqus on this blog? I know it's an easier platform, but I just find it so... ugly. However, I want to encourage discussion, so if you think Disqus would make your life easier, let me know in the comments below!
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