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It appears there is one item I will reach for time and time again no matter what season. I suppose this slip, which I own in 3 colors, is an item that defines everything I love in a style. The cut is perfect, the tiny lace details are perfect, and its versatility is perfect. I love that I can wear it with cardigans and heavy pullovers in the winter, or with knee socks and boots, or with tights and bright sneakers.

It is the one item in my closet that, if tragically destroyed, I would immediately repurchase. I try not to link back to clothes on this blog. There are numerous reasons and an essay to be found here, but suffice it to say I do not link back to clothes because I do not want to promote waste and needless consumption. I would rather whip you up a dose of inspiration than a charge on your credit card.

green day kerplunk converse
But today, I am going to make an exception. Yes, this dress is a little pricey, but now I have had it (them, really - I own 3) so long and worn it so many times, that surely the cost per wear has dropped down to less than a penny.

And I do look at things on a cost per wear basis. While I definitely do not buy expensive items with any sort of frequency (hello, Goodwill), if the rare occasion presents itself, and I just know the item is for me, I will pay for it. These dresses are a time when I am glad to have done so, as I have been given a cornucopia of joy through all the times I have felt part lacey, part swingy, part carefree. All the times I have felt feminine and delicate and all the time I have felt like a little tough.

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how to wear voile and lace trapeze slip in spring

Here it is, the Free People Voile and Lace Trapeze slip, available in every color you would ever see in a bright forest or a field of wildflowers. If I could only have ONE dress, it would, forever and always, be this one.

Do you have a single piece of clothing that you manage to wear every season, regardless of the weather? How do you make it work?

*pictures taken by my husband*

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