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I am ashamed to admit that I have avoided you for the past month, dearest friends, but life has been a roller coaster that has only just now slowly begun to slow the gears. The screech is still echoing as I type. You see, I did something this past month that I thought I would never do, for a variety of reasons.

We bought a house.

Yes, the girl who wanted to freedom to break ties whenever and where ever and live the nomadic lifestyle finally broke down and bought a lovely little 1000 square foot number (I would've loved smaller, but nowadays it seems anything smaller is too expensive. Anything bigger is also too expensive. So I found the sweet spot.), packed up all my little apartment possessions, and listened the gurgling swish of several gallons of paint being drug up the porch steps.

You see, friends, life doesn't let you plan.

We planned to leave. We thought we would have to leave for R to get a job. Then, through a wonderful stroke of luck, the right opportunity simply fell into his lap. A job offer a recent graduate simply could not afford to resist.

Knowing that bought us another 3-5 years (at least) in Lexington, we decided to start saving to put down that sweet, sweet 20% down payment (just in case, you see) that is like sugar to a lender's tongue before yet another wrench hurled through the sky...

Our apartment building sold. Rent went up and the dog policy changed. While we were assured that our dogs would be grandfathered in, for how much longer would we be given grace? I have a pit bull - I did not expect it to be years on end. Thus, we knew in our hearts it was time to wipe the slate clean. There was a new adventure on the horizon.

However, moving is terribly time consuming, and I am afraid that between packing, unpacking, going to Ikea, choosing paint colors, and actually painting, my evenings and weekends were consumed. There were no little moments of feeling simply darling in a dress or being bitten by the poetry bug. There was simply action.

So now, I return, refreshed, sitting on a new couch in a room with gorgeous vintage hardwood floors and sorting through old pictures. This day was lean and warm, but not quite warm enough for bare sleeves and bare legs, hence the marriage of a simple black tee underneath.  I am hoping you remember this dress from here, as I did promise to show it off again soon and I am not one to break a promise! True to my previous instinct, the pop of color was a must. In order to allow for a less feminine and more concert goer appearance, I attached my favorite Green Day converse to the soles of my feet, a little cloth boho bag to embrace a lighter step, and was ready for spring to finally hit. It feels so long ago, but was really only a few weeks. Seasonal transitions are odd like that. Just like with a new home, they make us feel awkward, yet excited. Loathe to peel away the old skin, but so refreshed to be in a new one.

Nonetheless, I am back. And I hope to make this space an extension of my home, with all the lovely readers who have been so kindly faithful over the years.

Have you ever had an unexpected blogging hiatus? What caused it?

Stay Beautiful,


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