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Yesterday, we had the opportunity to eat West African Food at a local place near UK Campus simply named Sav’s Grill.  It has a limited menu, but that keeps the prices low and the service fast.  Roger ordered the peanut beef. I chose the leaf and beef.  A large bowl ran us $6.75 for each dish – a steal!  We cheaped out and ordered water, but they have an array of ginger beers and foreign sodas too.  The atmostphere is beautiful, I must say!  African vibes everywhere, bright colors, and spacious tables.
I won’t say West African food is my favorite of all time.  The spicy sauce they gave me to add to my bowl was pretty hot, but I could have taken a lot more (to be fair, I love spicy).  The food is mostly rice, and my sirloin definitely had some fatty bits, but we will still be eating there again. It was worth it.

We also had the opportunity to try North Limestone Coffee and Donuts.  OH MY GOD they had cinnamon monkey bread.  We also got a chocolate iced donut and a cookies and cream donut.  It was a little pricey for donuts (our total was over $4), but Roger gave it the “best donut I have ever eaten” rating, so I would say it was worth it.  Oh, and get there when the donuts are fresh.  Fresh, warm, runny chocolate is to die for. The only downside was that the location is in the ghetto.  And I mean ghetto.  It’s still worth it; I just wouldn’t recommend going there at night by yourself.  The staff are incredibly cool and relaxed (they even invited us to the bar after closing haha).
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