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Have you ever seen something either at a store, or (God forbid) on someone in public and ask yourself "Who the hell came up with that?"  Yeah, if you are smart you have seen things like this:

The Sleeveless Hoodie:
State your case, sleeveless hoodie.

What the hell?   "Gee, you know what I need?  A hoodie with NO SLEEVES - for when my body and head are cold but not my arms." - said no one ever.

Here is another: The Jegging
For people with more money are closet space than sense.

That's right, $40 for something to make it *look* like you are wearing jeans, but aren't.  I can't get over how bad these are.  Someone really wanted to wear leggings as pants so they could have every flaw in their ass outlined for the public and wear jeans at the same time.  And don't even get me started on the price. $40 bucks for this?!  You can get an actual pair of jeans for that price - without showing off your panty line and cellulite to the world.

Thirdly, because all horrible things come in threes, we have fashionable overalls.
Mimicking poor depression era people is in?

I am seeing these everywhere and I demand explanation!  Let me get one thing straight.  Overalls are exceptable in three situations.
1. You're a farmer
2. You're homeless (men's overalls have plenty of pockets y'all)
3. You're too young to be in kindergarten

If you meet none of these criteria, you don't need to wear overalls.  Apparently it's cool to look poor these days, so the rugged, rural look is in.  Except, it is not cool to actually be poor, which is why Nordstrom sells designer overalls for nearly $80.  It's disgusting.  Kids going around intentionally wearing clothes that are worn out is disgusting.  People who have to wear worn out clothing would love to trade their junk clothes for your new stuff.  Besides, it's a total waste of money.

I guess the real theme here is don't be a hipster dumbass.
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