Lavender Lemon Cocktail for the Resurrection | A Rose in Bloom
Nice, springtimey cocktail.  Refreshing!  Adjust to your tastes.

2 parts vanilla vodka
Juice of one lemon
Two parts lavender syrup

To make the lavender syrup, add a small amount of water to a tiny saucepan, add several spoons of sugar, and about a tablespoon of lavender.  Boil, adding more sugar as necessary to make it syrupy.  I have added honey before too, when I got guilt from seeing large amounts of sugar go in the pan.  Honey helps it thicken faster.
Add two parts (I use one ounce measurements – when I measure hehe) vanilla vodka, lemon juice, and strained lavender syrup to shaker.  Shake well, strain, and serve.  Serves one.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture.  I can't find my camera after the move.  Yes, we moved to the 3 bedroom next door.  It's like having a small house!  I can't wait to get everything perfectly settled.  Once I find my camera, there will be a house tour room by room.

Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone!  What's on your menu? We are having the following:

Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb with added Merlot and celery
Honey Glazed Carrots (minus the vinegar for Roger)
Garlic Mashed Potatoes with mixed veg stirred in
Simple Yogurt Cake with added lemon zest and dried lavender
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