Spring-Summer Picture Project | A Rose in Bloom

Hello all, today I am starting something new.  Sometime to increase my own, and anyone else's out there, positivity.  I call it my spring summer picture project.  Each day I want to post a beautiful still life I find.  You know, when you see something positive and need to capture the moment.  That is what this is for.  It also helps to increase a positive attitude because you have to find at least one special moment each and every day.  I decided to start with a pile of library books waiting to be read that currently sit on the floor next to my lamp.  They sit in the floor because we haven't hung the Ikea Lack shelves in our new bedroom yet.  The plan is to use them as end tables, but we will get around to it eventually.  I think they look lovely just being in existance.  In fact, this project is already making me feel in a calm state of mind.

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