Fall Makeup Trends, Part 2 | A Rose in Bloom
You didn't think I forgot, did you?  Of course I didn't.  Last week, I talked about trending lip colors, but there is so much more to fall makeup than just lipsticks.  Today I will talk about the most gorgeous thing every woman has: the eyes.

As does fall traditionally, we are seeing lots of smokey and cat eyes this season.  Cat eyes, especially, because they go so well with a bold, bright lip. Smokey eyes are harder to pull off with a bright or dark lip, though it is possible.  My personal recommendation is that if you want smokey eyes with a bright or vampy lip, use lighter shades of brown or gold and possibly skip the eyeliner.  Black smokey eyes with red lips often looks ridiculous.

Here is a great video that can really relay the idea I am speaking of.  Note how she does have smokey eyes, but they are tame, allowing her wine lips to be in the spotlight.

If you want more of a 5 minute face version, as I usually need on a weekday morning, here is another great video to really get the point across quickly.  Note the lack of eyeliner.  This is a slightly exaggerate neutral look.
Another great look you are going to find out and about is the mod look.  Yes, it's back!  If you have ever wanted to be Twiggy for Halloween, now is the time!  Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Want to achieve this look?  Fear not, it's readily available.  You can find tutorials here and another mod look here.
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