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In case you have not guessed from the immense increase in posts, fall fashion is my favorite.  I love how it's warm and cozy, yet the afternoons are still warm enough to get away with a light jacket, or a dress and knee/thigh highs.  At the beginning of every season,  I like to gather what I could consider essentials.  Here is a hint: you probably have some of these in your closet already, you just need to look for them.  I find it easy to "forget" about older articles of clothing.  No worries, it happens to the best of us.  Nonetheless, before running out to your favorite stores and spending bookoos of money (yes, I have decided that bookoo is a word), have a peep in your closet.  Anyway, I am going to list what would be my fall favorite essentials.  See if they are your favorites too.  As always, I am not paid in any way for this.  Please know that these are simply my opinions.

1. Boots. Ankle boot, calf boots, knee boots, whatever floats your boat. But you need a good pair of boots.
My current fave is this boot by Chelsea Crew, but it looks like everyone is sold out.  This makes me sad!  If you come to Blackmarket in Lexington, they still have some!  However, I will post two other favorites.
Crochet Slouch Boot Free People, $178
Coconuts Christopher Bootie DSW, $59.95

2. Jacket. Not a cardigan (though not to bash on cardigans), but a real jacket in twill, denim, or heavy cotton.  They are totally in this season and it's a good thing.  I love cardigans but after a while you just need to vary things a little bit. This is the one I bought this year in black.
Military Ruffle Twill Jacket, Free People $128
Glimmered Tweed Jacket, Anthropologie,$148

My other jacket selections can be found here and here.  H&M has not discovered Pinterest yet, and that's how I save files so.....

3. Knee socks!  Let the coziness begin!  These are great to wear with shorts, a shorter dress, or skirt.  I love to wear the Free People voile and lace trapeze slip with a great pair of over the knee socks and ankle boots.  Oh hey, we just mentioned how you need boots.  This is why.  For all your sock needs, visit  Here are two fabulous pairs. I actually own the UO socks, and they. are. awesome.  I just really want those Sock Dream socks.  Enough to order them when I get paid.
Buttoned Up Knee High Socks, Urban Outfitter, $14

Romantic Lace Ribbed Sweater Socks, Sock Dreams $18

4. Something flannel or at least plaid.   Typically, this is a shirt, but flannel skirts are in too. Or even a scarf, but get some plaid or even tartan in there.  I am not going to name brand drop this. It's everywhere, and the good stuff is at the thrift stores.  Instead, I will post some inspiration to go out and find the perfect plaid for you.
From Free People BLDG 25 blog

From Pinterest

5. A good hat.  Beanies are here!  They are here they are here they are here.  Even if beanies are not your thing, get a pork pie or whatever you like.  After all that's the key to fashion.  Wear what YOU like, as being comfortable is always fashionable.
From Pinterest.  The perfect beanie could literally be anywhere.
Pork Pie Hat, TopShop, $50.00

So, what do you think?  Do you have something to add?  Tell me your fall essentials!
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