How to Embrace Winter | A Rose in Bloom

January always seems like such an icky month. The cold sets into our bones and we feel brittle to the earth. The days are short and grey and there are no holidays to break up the seemingly sorrowful depths. Instead, it seems as if all life forms have come to dull hum in the wind. We all long for spring birds and summer daisies. But here is the catch: it is not then, it is now. I know in many years past January and even February seemed like wasted months, spent longing for the ice to melt and the leaves to return to the trees, but not this year.

This winter I challenge you to make the most of it. Embrace the cold winds and the chill of the night and get cozy. Use this as a time to drink lots of teas, herbal if you are avoiding caffeine, to snuggle with the ones you love, and to socialize with those important to you. Just because there are no holidays does not mean you can't have a winter party! Have a potluck or make a huge pot of hot soup, and just enjoy each other's company. Have a contest outside to see who can breathe the most "smoke" into the crisp afternoon. If you have snow, engage in a snowball fight.

Once you learn to enjoy these dreary months, you may even find yourself missing them when the buds return to the bushes. :) As always, these photos came from Pinterest, unless otherwise noted, and I do not own them in any way.

This photo came from Love and the Wild Deviant Art. Please visit the site for more inspiration.

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