Monday Inspiration: Just Be | A Rose in Bloom

When I first saw this quote many years ago, I knew it would follow me for the rest of my life.  I know it may seem trendy, but 2013 was all about learning to live more, and think about it less. Savoring what is happening right now without worrying about the consequences is a beautiful thing not to be disturbed by the rest of the world grinding away at your core. Naturally, this mindset must be exercised within reason i.e. please don't eat cookies for a week because you might be dead next week, but please do use the last of the coffee without the thought of having to go and buy more disturb your peace of mind.

It is also helpful to note that while I love to blog, sometimes it is best to do something without a camera. To enjoy a flower on the side of the road or a bird on your porch can be almost meditative. I don't always need an electronic device to interrupt the stillness. This is kind of how I feel while traveling the world. Tourists with cameras taking 30 shots of the David in Florence. Photographing every stone of the Colosseum. Not missing a singe grave plot in the Recoleta Cemetery. It's almost sad because we get so consumed in capturing every detail for the future. Thus, they spend their entire trip "describing life", instead of living it at that particular instant. So the next time you see something truly breathtaking, inhale deeply and devour each detail for yourself.

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