Friday DO: Find some spring | A Rose in Bloom

The other day a coworker and I were sharing some jellybeans when I noticed the strangest coincidence. All my beans were spring colors! As silly as it seems, I cracked a smile. These delicious little beans reminded me that just because the temperature recently hit 80 degrees here (thus skipping spring), doesn't mean I can't find spring wherever I go. So, if you are having a hard time enjoying spring (heck, it's still cold in some places), fear not. Find something, anything, that represents spring to you. It can be a single bloom peaking through the snow, a fresh smell creeping in through the window. Maybe it's just the way the sun warms your cheeks, or you find some spring colored cupcakes at the grocery. Whatever it is, keep your senses open and be prepared to take it all in, savoring the moment. Feel spring surround you, whether in reality or in your mind, make spring happen for you. Hold that tiny moment close to your heart and enjoy it only for what it is. Happy weekend!
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