On Embracing the Rain | A Rose in Bloom

Ah yes, spring is in full swing. The flowers and herbs are bursting through the soil to give a new life to our planet and the temperatures are slowly rising. It seems the freezing days of this particularly cold winter are finally behind us, and we have traded the harsh snow for gentle rain. Rain. The thing that many of us despise about spring. Many people, including myself from years past, spend our springs moping in the midst of rain showers, desperate for long summer days. Now, stop that! There are many to things to love about the rain, and I have chosen to embrace it instead of wasting my days.

Recently, I decided to take a walk at dawn and feel the light winds and fresh, clean smells. The smell of a fresh rain is so invigorating and the drops glisten like tiny crystals on the flower petals. The dandelions, once impregnated with seeds for the wind to take, are now bald and damp. As water hangs off the tips of leaves and blades of grass, I am happy.

Life is being nourished for all living creatures as the skies cries tears of joy up on the earth. Let the rain kiss your cheeks. Maybe even dance barefoot, feeling the cool water cling to your toes. Raise your hands to the sky and be grateful for this experience.

Besides, before you know it, the sun will be back glowing in a sea of clear blue.

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