Freedom At 21 | A Rose in Bloom

There is a little something about summer that causes the soul to wander. Roaming through the country, I just want to walk barefoot in a field of flowers. These photos inspire me to the point where I can feel that summer warmth running through my body. I hope you can also get some joy from them. All photos found on Pinterest.

Edit: Have you visited Buttons and Birdcages? It's one of my favorite personal blogs full of great style and great attitude. Well, Miche is doing something that I think is just wonderful - a weekly link up full of positive thoughts and attitudes.  Life is too negative, so today, come up with some nice things to say about someone or something and show your weekly love. Here are mine:

  • The group of people I waited outside with on Saturday for the Conor Oberst show, I wish you all well. I wish I had found you later and thanked you for being my waiting in line buddies. You didn't have to make us a part of your group chat and games, but you did. <3 li="">
  • Third Street Stuff is one of the best places in town, covered in loud colors and crazy artwork. Go there if you're ever sad.
  • Everyone should enjoy beautiful vocals. I am listening to Gillian Welch sing Lua right now. TEARS OF JOY.
  • My brother was the best this weekend. Seriously, he allowed me to have the best night of my life even if it meant sacrificing a little bit for himself. I love my family. 
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