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People, I have bad news. It is raining. As in HARDCORE RAINING everyday this week. Sadly, since my apartment is lame and has terrible lighting, this means no outfit posts this week. Instead, I am presenting tippets and tidbits of things that I have enjoyed recently or in the past. I know, I know, not as much fun, but what's a girl to do on whilst on lockdown? Everyone of these photos inspires me in some way, forcing the corners of my mouth to twist upwards.

At this point, you know it's no secret that I love the music of Conor Oberst. Well, I finally was blessed with physically seeing, shaking hands with, and crying with the musical love of my life. Well, maybe the crying was just me. Anyway, can you imagine how happy I was to see Jim James come out for a duet of my favorite song, At the Bottom of Everything? It's been a dream of mine to see them perform that beautiful song together ever since seeing them perform it on Austin City Limits. Dreams do come true. Plus, the roadie gave me the setlist and then someone uploaded a video of the finale on youtube so we could always enjoy this moment. It's not everyday Jim James shows up in Lexington unexpected, but we love it every time he comes home to Kentucky.

If you know, you probably also know that I love makeup. Rummaging through old Facebook pictures has inspired me to recreate this look. Perfect for summer.

Many, many years ago, Stephanie Kaloi did a photoshoot with me in college. I still love this photo.

And this one.

Several years ago, I took a university trip to Italy. To this day, I stand in awe of this photo. There is something about night lights and big city fashion.

Zeke can have any spot he wants to lay on, and he still needed to lay on Jaycee?

3-4 years ago, my roommate got a fancy new camera and took some pictures with me. This is one of those photos. I had actually forgotten about it.

Mobile uploads, but hey, now you know I was in a sexy prison play in college. Worth it.

Beautiful birds at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Do you like to sort through old pictures for memories? What has inspired you lately?
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