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Firstly, let's clear the elephant in the room. Yes, this dress was gifted to me in exchange for a review. However, I would NEVER be dishonest in a review. All thoughts are my own. Thanks guys and gals!

This dress is a dream... the fabric is stretchy enough to move with me yet remain constant when needed. The style makes this a perfect dress for dinner out, a classy party, or even just a nice work event. However, the best part about this dress, and ordering from eShakti, is that you have a ton of options! I was honestly overwhelmed. You can change the neckline, change the sleeves, change the length, and even enter your own custom dimensions! My dress fits like a glove, and because I like clothes to be flexible with me, I intentionally chose a fabric that did lend some stretch. Many of their designs do not, so always read the full description. I also lengthened the skirt, because A) I could, and B) sometimes you need a fancier dress that goes past the knees. I feel like I could live in an Anthropologie catalog, and hey, eShakti is cheaper than Anthro by (sometimes) a long shot. I can't wait to order from them again.

Dress: eShakti// Boots: Betsey Johnson// Socks: Free People
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