Friday DO: Read Something | A Rose in Bloom

There seems to be something so cathartic about reading. The smell and feel of a gently worn library book brings memories of many rainy days as a child, sitting in my room with an apple. As an adult, I got away from reading for pleasure (college can ruin reading), but lately I have made a point to always have a library book. Just this year I have read many great stories, some of which I wished had never ended. Reading is also good for your eyes, letting them rest of the flash of our screens, repairing the gentle tears it seems computers gift to them. This weekend, read anything. An article about a social issue, a short story, or even start that novel you have had on your list for years. Enjoy each sentence, each word, each turn of the page, and feel the words speak to you. I promise you won't regret it. Don't let page length be a fear - there is something empowering in finishing a 450 page book in one month, like you have finished a quite doable goal.
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