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Occasionally, we take Zeke to the dog park so he can run his heart out in about 10 minutes. No really, he loves to go and run for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, he is done and wants to sleep on the couch. He usually prefers to keep us nearby at the park, but this particular Saturday was very, very hot he so headed straight for this tiny, isolated glen, abandoning us in a green sea of grass. This area is like a small, wooded island in a pure open field. It's always been there, but somehow, we did not realize *people* could go inside this area. Like a secret forest, this tiny island opens up to be a whole wide world on the inside, making it a perfect place for photos, and the outfit I already had planned to post (stay tuned!)

What can I say? This sweet, clear, breathtaking place was not only stunning, but a perfect spot to stay cool while still having rays of light steal shade in specks. Sometimes, dogs are smarter than people.

I think it goes without saying that my weekly love linkup with Buttons and Birdcages includes...

  • Zeke. I love how animals can constantly be teaching you new things. Plus, he was mostly good at the vet this week. Thanks buddy!
  • To my new neighbors, your kindness is showing and I have only just met you. I hope we are friends. Compassion for strays will always gain my respect.
  • My bestest girlfriend showed me how to save even MORE money on food by trying Bountiful Baskets. I hope for good results. You rock!

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