Friday DO: Find Your Go To Outfit | A Rose in Bloom

Do you ever have an outfit/type of outfit that you can just count on? The type of outfit you grab when you have overslept, don't know what to wear, or even just feel like having the perfect day? Everyone's choices will be different. For some it is boyfriend jeans, boots, and an easy tee. Other may find black skinnies, a nice fitting top, and infinity scarf to be their go to. Mine is thigh highs/over the knees, a mini dress, and boots. Everything seems better when I grab these three items. I am so very fortunate to have a job that does not care what I wear, so often my personality reflects through my outfits, and even more so, my comfort. Something about these three items makes me feel so feminine and free, that I know I will have a day full of wonderment and inspiration just by wearing them. When I don't know what to wear, my good friends pull me back into femininity and make any day one with adventure.

What about you? What are your go to items?
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