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Guys, I have been refreshing myself a lot lately, but there is another post coming about my time off and my thoughts. Right here, right now, I want to know your non traditional Christmas activities and foods you and your loved ones enjoy. You see, 2014 has not been kind to me financially; my husband lost his job, my job held pay freezes, for quite a while we had almost no money left over for groceries. Even though those hard times are (hopefully!) permanently behind us, I really learned about simplicity and how easy it can be to find happiness in day to day life.

By now you are surely thinking "Liz, please, get to the point? What do our Christmas activities have to do with your rant?". My point is this: Christmas is simple this year. I am not cooking a ham with all the trimmings. We are having spaghetti carbonara and a simple meatball soup with kale for less than half the normal Christmas dinner cost. And you know what? I have never looked forward to a Christmas dinner more. I don't cook carbonara often so those decadent bites will be savored and those brothy meatballs are already haunting my dreams. Oh, and throw in some kale so you feel better about yourself. Yeah. I will eat as much of this good stuff as I want, thank you very much.

So, share anything non traditional you are doing this year! Please, I really want to hear all your lovely ideas.

P.S. Anyone have an idea for vegetarian carbonara? Capers? Olives? It needs that saltiness you get from pancetta or bacon.
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