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Update: This post originally ran 12/18/13. Since I am still recovering from a cold (seriously?!), I thought I would share this fun gift wrapping idea as I plan to recreate it this year!

I do not like to buy gift wrap. My husband and I exchange one gift each, so it seems wasteful to buy a whole roll of wrapping paper, not to mention most wrapping paper is not recyclable.  Instead, I prefer to reuse the brown paper bags you get at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods when you inevitably end up needing something and forget your reusable bags.   After a friend pointed out how gorgeous the Trader Joe's Christmas shopping bags were (I didn't notice them before because I have gotten pretty good at bringing my own bags if I do say so myself.), I knew I had to do something with them this Christmas season, and with only a week till Christmas, it was high time I wrapped some gifts!

First, I cut up a Whole Foods bag and used the reverse, plain side, to wrap the package.

Then, get your Trader Joe's bag and cut out the designs.

Glue or tape the designs as desired onto the package. You can wrap it all around the sides!

Use the lines as gift tags. For example, I used "Peace and Joy From," as a gift tag. Since the paper is plain, I can simply sign my name in a pretty signature.  You will have the most unique gifts under the tree!

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