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If you had asked me last winter if I would consider a cropped sweater, I would have laughed. No, really. "Who wants every part of themselves warm except their tummy?" I said. I wrote them off as a ridiculous fashion trend that put aesthetics above function. Oh how wrong I was. This past fall, expecting a very, very cold winter ahead, I decided to get a jump start on looks I love that were also super warm. I layered sweaters over dresses because I like versatility (a thick cotton dress doubles as a skirt in winter!) but I kept coming across as... pregnant? Trying to hide my figure? Don't get me wrong - there is nothing wrong with looking pregnant. It's just that I'm not pregnant.

Actually, I struggle with this a lot. I love oversized, relaxed clothing, but have an hourglass figure so relaxed/shapeless fits are not always my friend. I usually end up pairing them with something slimmer in one area (i.e. here, here, here, here, and here) to even things out, so to speak. Oversized and long sweaters with full skirts just weren't suiting me. It was then that I realized the error of my ways.

I needed a fitted sweater with a shorter hem. Hence, I ran to H&M and bought this little beauty recently featured here. And it has been perfect. Layered over dresses it creates the perfect silhouette! Here are other cropped sweaters I love. Which one would you try? How would you wear it?

Urban Outfitters, $59

American Apparel, $76

Nordstrom, $48

Nordstrom, $50

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