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This is a new mural in the brewery district from the PRHBTN project. This about as close as I can get with it being gated off, but just look at that power. Truly, it has definitely caused some controversy, but I can just can't not be stand in awe of Lexington's largest mural.

As intense and almost violent as it seems, I just couldn't resist stopping on the road and capturing it. Also, how cool is it that I was totally dressed all grungey for this surprise photo op? I love happy accidents.

Button down: H&M//tee: na//shorts: Target?//tights: UO//boots: Betsey Johnson//beanie: UO (similar)

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What kind of art does your town have?


  1. The mural is gorgeous, and perfect for a backdrop. Love the green plaid top!


  2. Ooooh, that's so cool. I love how it seems to be basically in the middle of nowhere. As you probably saw when you lived here, Buenos Aires is FULL of street art/graffiti. There seems to be some kind of mural everywhere you turn!

  3. That mural is really spectacular! I love public art like this!

    1. Thanks! I feel like it provides a nice feel to a town!

  4. That is a cool mural! Made for a great shot Lizzie!

  5. that mural looks super cool, and love that your outfit matches he scene :)

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  6. Wow!! That art is so cool!! I wish there was more street art where I live, but there isn't! :(

    1. It's always fun to look for some when you visit other places!

  7. I LOVE the second photo.



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