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I do love winter. We were finally blessed to have a deep, fluffy snowfall, on a Saturday morning no less. There is no better Saturday spent than a tromp through snowdrifts, hot coffee, a good book, and Tilly and the Wall playing through my ear buds.

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  1. Is it unusual to get snow in Kentucky? What is the weather like during winter there? I can appreciate beautiful photos of snow, but I can't say that I actually enjoy it in real life (except maybe when it's a white Christmas)...too many winters helping out with the shoveling haha

    1. It's actually hit or miss. I've only lived here 3 years, but my husband remembers many snowy winters as a kid and many that had less snow. From what I can tell, we get at least one nice snowfall, but sometimes that's it. Last winter was brutal... snow and ice everywhere all the time, but I don't think that was a normal winter for anyone.

      To be honest, I love snow when it's a Saturday morning at home drinking coffee and I can watch it dance from my window. I don't like it as much if I have to go to work and drive. My husband is a delivery driver while in college so he hates it too. On the plus side, I live in an apartment complex so no shoveling for me!

  2. Looks beautiful and is a good reminder that snow is gorgeous - sometimes I get annoyed with it, but it does have some aestetically pleasing qualities as well!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    1. Yeah, it's especially pretty when I don't have to go anywhere!

  3. Lizzie, you captured some beautiful winter scenes! So gorgeous!


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