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Dress: Free People// Mug: Anthropologie// Glasses: c/o Firmoo

A little over a year ago I visited an optometrist for the first time at the behest of my brother. I apparently couldn't read things from a distance that I should have been able to.... but only sometimes. I had noticed my eyes feeling strained and tired but simply accredited it to an office job where I spend way more time than healthy using a computer screen. What was a girl to do? I was told I actually have great eyesight, but the excess screen time was causing tremendous strain due to an astigmatism. I didn't need glasses, but they would make my life easier and prevent me from needing them later in life. Ok, I thought, just get some frames to wear during computer usage and all will be well, Oh so wrong I was. So incredibly wrong. You see, I had no idea how much frames cost! Quickly, I realized I was out of luck and returned home empty handed.

You guys, God is good. Later, I received an offer from Firmoo to review these glasses. I usually do not do free offers because I really do not like to tell you to buy something that I didn't pay for. However, I needed these and am extremely grateful for the opportunity. I like them! I am still glad I don't have to wear glasses for everything, but I feel sexy in these frames! I feel a badass secretary at work now and it does make using the computer easier. Besides, the prices at Firmoo are amazing. As much as I loved the look of some Warby Parkers, you just can't beat the price of Firmoo. I plan on taking very good care of these glasses and using them for many years.

P.S. I know I've worn the Voile and Lace Trapeze slips many, many times on this blog but there's a reason for that. It's the best thing for lounging around on a weekend morning and can easily be made appropriate for going out. In short, these slips are the best and I wear them all the time!
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