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There is just something beautiful about really rugged, old barns and used up sheds. I almost didn't share these because it's such a different project for me... I like to get up close into things and dig around. I am comfortable digging into the dirt and my face being inches away from insects and flower petals. Standing back and just shooting makes me feel awkward, but I think that's what drove me to do this. Well maybe that and boredom from sitting in a car too long. The first four pictures are from somewhere in Kentucky. Somewhere, anywhere. The beauty of driving down the interstate is just appreciating where you are even if you have no idea where that is. The last is a shed near home ready for springs awakening.


  1. There is an old barn in my mother's old small town that my father has taken photos of every year since they got married. It's all gone now but it's cool that he captured it's life.


  2. I love the first and third photo. These actually remind me a little from where I'm from. The town I grew up in in NJ has lots of farms, barns, fields, animals, etc. Here are my pics from the last time I was in NJ:

    I'd love to see more of Kentucky----keep on snapping photos!

    1. ... I will never view NJ the same way ever again. Such rustic beauty! I would love to run through those fields and have a picnic in the grass. I bet warm holidays are a blast in that area.

  3. I'm glad you took these shots! They're very beautiful. We pass through Kentucky on our way to Ohio and I love seeing the barns from the highway and such.

  4. Beautiful photos!!! Great old rustic barns!!thanks for sharing. Xoxo

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  5. I love how you have captured the old barns so beautifully yet in a rustic style, lovely shots! xx

    Sammie |


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