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Shirt & Jeans: Lucky Brand// Shoes: Urban Outfitters// Hat: Anthropologie

Cloche hats are the essence of elegance. They remind of us of times long gone. Just looking at them makes me think of tea in gardens, old cocktail parties, fancy dress, and, to be perfectly honest, Downton Abbey (please tell me I'm not the only one using Downton Abbey as an excuse to be classy). So often though the style feels out of place with today's times. Cloche hats often feel a little weird with modern outfits and can definitely just look "off." I've owned this hat without figuring out the styling for... too long. Everything felt wrong about it... my clothes felt too complicated, my hair too long etc... Normally, I donate items this difficult, but I so badly wanted it to work! After much research, trial and error, and a lot of frustration, I think I have found the perfect solution. Are you ready to style a cloche hat and still head out to that trendy coffee shop feeling on point?

Here is your solution: keep clean lines. If you look at old flapper pictures, the 20s were the epitome of clean lines.  You can still have boho details (God knows there were some intricacies!), like the lacing on this shirt, but as long as the lines are kept clean, a cloche hat will give your outfit a polished and classy appearance. Add some jewelry and you're all set!

What to do with your hair? If you have long hair, just give it a classic side braid! I imagine straightening it would work well too, but I have very thick, voluminous hair, so straightening will have to wait till winter sucks the humidity out of the air. For now though, I think you're going to be seeing the braid for a while.

I have other ideas for wearing cloche hats are well so I can't wait to share them with you! Isn't amazing how once you break through a barrier you suddenly realize tons of other options? How do you like to wear a cloche hat? Are you a hat person at all? Talk, talk, talk!
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