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It's so so hard to capture wildlife with a kit lens. Someday I'll invest in better equipment, but for now, I'll be satisfied with what I can get. The challenge is actually kinda fun!

That said, I'm not sure I have ever seen so many birds here! Like, my apartment complex is overrun by birds. So far they aren't bothering us, but they aren't afraid of us either. Just the other day robins (yes, plural) just pranced across the sidewalk only two feet from Jaycee (my dog). I still can't believe little Robin above let me get so close... It's kinda fun to watch them dig around for bugs though. At least we know we won't be overrun with worms. Now if only we could get some mosquito eating critters 'round these parts.

In addition to being overrun at home, Roger and I have been enjoying the wildlife reserves in town. It's so peaceful to watch the turtles and bullfrogs at McConnell Springs. They do like to keep their distance though. Apparently dragonflies and monarchs are less concerned with human interaction.
By the way, monarchs are nearly endangered y'all. If you have the space, grow some milkweed. We can't let these beautiful creatures die.

How have you been enjoying nature lately? If you are into photography, what is your favorite spring/summer thing to get elbow deep into?

P.S. Dragonflies look terrifying when you get up in their face. I mean, that guy looks like evil incarnate. I feel like a part of my childhood has been violated. Are these really the same creatures that fairies ride around on? Are these the same dragonflies that are supposed to be this mystical being? Dragonfly, thou hast failed me.
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