Last Days of Spring | A Rose in Bloom

All items from Free People.

These photos are a few weeks old, when spring winds were wisping my hair across my forehead, and light sweaters kept the crisp chill at bay. Apparently spring has come and gone in the bluegrass... it was 85 degrees F on Sunday? What? Why? I'm not ready for maxi skirts and denim cutoffs. I mean, I love those things, but mentally I am still in light sweater mode. Guys, I need to time absorb these kinds of things. Overnight summer ain't cutting it.

However, I am ready to style this slip more... it's one of my favorite items. Can be worn alone (and I will... plenty) or layered into heaven. I bought it with my birthday coupon from Free People last year, which is the only time I buy anything directly from them, especially an item full price. The crochet slip is the only item I paid in full for though. I got those boots and the sweater on sweet, sweet clearance a while back. Speaking of Free People, it's my birthday again soon so maybe I should get on that if funds allow! Do you guys want to help me choose an item?

P.S. For some reason I have a tendency to either look incredibly moody or miserable (not sure which!). Hah, it's fun to know what your faces really look like, especially since I am neither moody or miserable. Gotta work on that!

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